Motor Activity Training Programme (MATP)


Special Olympics also offers the Motor Activities Training Programme® (MATP) for people with profound or multiple intellectual (learning) disabilities.

MATP athletes participate in regular training specifically designed to help in the development of gross motor skills. MATP is not a competition programme, although athletes do have the opportunity to demonstrate their achievements at MATP Challenge Days. To find out more information about this initiative please click here.

Since 2012 we have hosted a series of MATP seminars around Great Britain.

From October 2014, we will be working towards growing and developing this unique programme so that the opportunity to get involved is available to more MATP athletes of all ages and from all education, health, sports and community settings.

Gaye Barber, our Director of  Volunteering and Community Engagements explained: “We already have some exciting ideas and plans for the next 18 months, but before moving forward we would like to focus on our current groups and take stock of where we are with regard to MATP athlete numbers, the range and regularity of activities currently being offered, any challenges being faced with regard to fit for purpose and affordable venues, range and suitability of equipment, lack of trained coaches/volunteers. So, a kind of review or health check which will help us to understand where best to focus our initial support and resource.”

“Once this is complete we plan to implement a new structure and support network for all our current MATP providers with a greater emphasis on communication and training.  There is already a lot of knowledge and experience within the MATP network and we would like to ensure we create an environment where we can share ideas and best practice to create a healthy two way dialogue and a vibrant MATP programme.  We are also keen to explore how we can increase the number of challenge events both at a local, but also a national level to give the MATP athletes the same opportunity to take part in multi group events.”



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